Should you FSBO (For Sale By Owner)?

In today's world, we see more and more people trying to sell their homes themselves.  In our world, we call that FSBO. But is that really a good idea?  You may want to think about calling a professional.  Not only do they know the paperwork needed, but they also know your specific market and have experience with negotiations.

My background includes bartering for bread & tapestry in Italy, as well as, every day items in Hong Kong.  Bartering has helped with my negotiation skills and travel in those areas taught me how to listen, really listen to what the other person has to say.  I'm better than the average bear when working with clients from cultures and accents different from my own.

Call me today to get started!  I'm also know for my caring, understanding and perseverance.  If any of these skills can help you, please let me know.

I can help you be one of them!

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