New Listing at W360S10010 Markham Road Eagle WI with Aerial Footage

It is super exciting to those of us in the real Estate Community when we can find a vendor that meets and exceeds our expectations!  I have found that in my wonderful photographer and videographer (is that a word?), Mike Ford!  

I love the fact that I can confidently tell you, as a home Seller, that your photos or the video of your home will be great!  Why is this important?

1. 96% of all buyers start their home search online first!  

2. Have you seen some of the photos posted online to "showcase" a listing?  (Maybe making the bed first or picking up dirty laundry prior to pictures should have been mentioned to you).

3. Have you seen those photos where they are too bright or too dark or there is a just a picture of a toilet and you're not even sure it's in a bathroom?  

4. Have you seen those listings where they have one exterior photo and no one has any idea where the property lines might be or it's just too cold, snowy or icy to walk the whole property?

THESE and SO MANY MORE are the reasons it's so important for your Realtor to ensure that the photos posted of your property are not only good quality, but also showcase the very BEST features of your home!  The features that drew you to your home in the first place!  THOSE are the features that a professional can "see".  

That being said, it's also great to be able to get some aerial footage of larger, more rural properties so that there is some definition of where the property goes, especially in the winter months when it's really difficult or even impossible to walk the whole property!  This, by no means, is to be considered a substitute for a professional survey, but at least it gives some indication of where the property starts and stops!

That being said, check out my new listing on Markham Road in Eagle!  It is almost 5 acres (again, get the survey to be sure), of beautiful, serene woods and walking trails with a lovingly maintained, one owner home and large garage!

Markham Road Home Video with Aerial Footage of Land

Eagle is such a great community to raise a family or entertain in your own home or even for more outdoorsy types!  There is so much to do!  Hiking in the Kettle Moraine, checking out how the original settlers lived at Old World Wisconsin, Skiing or snowshoeing in the Kettle Moraine, Biking on all the "super" hills!  So much plus a Village and a Town Park, all within walking distance of one another and a trail that connects the two! 

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