Welcome to my adventurous attempt at a BLOG!

      Hello fellow advanced technology challenged people and those of you who I envy to the very core of my being because you have the ability to figure out and embrace all technology, new or old.  I'm not saying I don't like new technology, I really love it, actually.  I just wish it didn't take me quite so long to make every aspect of it happen.  For example:  I just spent the better of 8 hours adding specific community links and property searches to my website, a feat that likely would've taken one of my children an hour, tops. 

     So, here I am creating a blog.  Why?  Because it's important, a must for managing a website, a necessity to make your website climb higher in the search engines.  OK, I get it.  I'm not going to lie, I am doing it for all those reasons.  But, the most important reason is so I can talk to my site visitors and let them get to know me prior to ever scheduling an appointment, or even talking to me personally or over the phone.  That being said, let me just tell you a bit about myself.

     I love Real Estate.  No, really.  I LOVE Real Estate.  Not the act of paperwork or the job or the money, the actual ACT of helping people sell or buy a home, the explanation of the process, the loan process, the legalities of the transaction and truth be told, I LOVE looking at other people's homes!  HEY!  Curious minds want to know!!  Not only that, but I love architecture, and the creative ways that people make their home their own.  But, as someone who obtained a degree in business later in life, I love the business aspect of Real Estate, as well.  So, you can be assured knowing that when you want to see seven homes, that I want to see them too!  You can be assured that I WILL find the absolute BEST features and amenities in your home and market and sell those features to every single interested party. 

     Let's get back to that technology now.  I am on Facebook and I LOVE to see how many people "see" your home every time I post it!  I love to post my whereabouts all the time so that everyone who sees my Facebook, Twitter, Four Square, etc. can see that I am at your house holding it open for the next couple of hours. 

     So, Thanks for sticking through my first rambling post about my new adventures into the world of blogging.  I look forward to getting a better grasp on how to ACTUALLY make my blog better and more valuable to you, my customers and clients!  Till next time.........


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