Exterior Staging Part 1

Start by standing in front of your home with this checklist and pen. Jot down anything that leaps out at you. Then, walk around the outside of your home with this checklist in hand. 


  • Shrubs and landscaping should enhance, not hide, the home. Shrubs should be lowered to, at most, the height of the home. 
  • As a rule of thumb, all tree limbs should be far enough from the ground so you can walk under them. 
  • Flowers add color and beauty to the home. Flowerbeds should be clean, and look good in all seasons. Make sure all beds have a sharp edge and are free of leaves and debris. 
  • Keep the lawn mowed and neatly edged. A perfectly mowed lawn does wonders for presence. You may have to mow twice per week during growing season. 
  • Aerate and seed any bare or thin spots in your lawn. Consider using sod if necessary. 
  • Arrange for a lawn fertilization company to set up an accelerated program to keep your lawn a deep green color and weed free. 

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