Exterior Staging Part 3

I hope you enjoyed the last two posts on exterior staging. In this last post we discuss staging other yard areas and the front door. The first impression made by buyers as they pull up to your home will set the tone for the interior. In our next posts we will discuss interior staging ideas.


  • Mow, open up and clear any pathways to water or other Amenities on your property. This includes trimming low hanging branches. It is important to remove these items as they should not line the path. (NOTE : Now is NOT a good time for view enhancement unless you have a valid vista maintenance permit. An enforcement order is like a lien on your property and is not something you want as it goes on the market.) 
  • Clean up, rake and check any shoreline or beach areas.
  • Keep driveway swept. If not paved, rake and add more gravel if needed. 
  • Clean gutters & wash or paint the trim if needed.
  • Consider an exterior low pressure washing. 


  • Consider a fresh coat of paint or varnish on the front door. At the very least, clean the door and hardware. 
  • Make sure your doorbell not only functions but is not cracked or broken. 
  • Keep your porch swept. 
  • Have an attractive welcome mat for people to wipe their feet. A second mat inside is important during bad weather. 
  • Make sure the mailbox is clean, consider cost of rust proof paint. 
  • Verify house numbers are large and visible. We want to make sure buyers and agents are able to find your home. 

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