Technology in the Real Estate Industry

Technology has changed the way we do business, the way we communicate with people, the way we get from place to place relying more heavily on GPS, and even the way we exercise (thank you Fitbit and running watches). The real estate industry too has had many changes due to technology.

One of these changes you will see comes from the use of a smart phone. More and more prospective buyers are looking for homes not only on their computers but also on mobile devices. Of the two thirds of Americans who own a smart phone, 44% of these individuals have used his or her smart phone to look up a real estate listing or other information about places to live.

As life takes us more on the go, so do your tasks. Look for more and more apps to be built with homebuyers in mind.

A second change involves online outreach. Technology enables Fort Wayne REALTORS® and real estate agents across Northeast Indiana and the rest of the United States to use multiple online and social media sources such as Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Pinterest to engage with prospective clients. I utilize all of these sources to share Fort Wayne Real Estate Market information, share my listings, and to keep friends and followers engaged in my business.  Be sure to follow me!

A third change the real estate industry will see as a result of changes in technology is efficiency. People are able to sort through pictures and listings of homes they want much more quickly than before. This is good news for real estate agents and buyers alike, as less time is wasted touring homes that end up not being what the potential buyer had in mind!

A fourth change is in communication. You can also choose the method of technology to contact your realtor that is easiest and most convenient for you whether it be a phone call, text, or posting a message online.

As you decide to search for a new home in the Fort Wayne Real Estate Market and the surrounding area, don’t forget to utilize technology to your fullest advantage to find all of the Fort Wayne homes for sale. Contact me by cell phone, e-mail, or by any of the social media platforms mentioned above. And be sure to follow this blog as I continue to bring you news and information about home buying and selling! 

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