5 Hot Tips to Attract the Perfect Buyer and Sell Your Home Fast


The key to attracting a perfect buyer for your home is to allow buyers to connect to your home through the visual, emotional, and physical appeal of your property according to Feng Shui expert Kelly Rehborg.

  1.  LESS IS MORE. Store 20-30% of  your personal items to create space and a feeling of flow through your home. Store photos, books, boxes, off season clothing, household items and toys.
  2.  BUYERS PURCHASE A WAY OF LIFE. Depersonalize your home so that buyers aren't connecting with your personal things and feeling like a visitor in your home. Allow buyers to imagine their own items in the space. Remove pictures, personalized items and clutter.
  3.  GIVE IT A GOOD SCRUB. A clean house feels good! Imagine buyers so charmed by the sparkling windows, floors, and groomed landscaping they want to stay a little longer during the showing. Have your carpets cleaned, dust the silk plants, replace anything broken or "tired" looking, remove drapes and outdated window treatments. Less is still more.
  4. FIRST IMPRESSION IS A LASTING IMPRESSION. Your front entrance is worth the price of escrow. Which would you be attracted to: the freshly painted front door with new hardware and a brand new welcome mat or a dingy front door, old welcome mat and dull door handle? A fresh and welcoming entrance is key to inviting potential buyers in the house and into placing an offer.
  5. THE NO NO'S..... no kittly litter boxes in plain sight such as bathrooms or bedrooms. No potpourri (dead things=dead energy), no countertop clutter, no dead or dying plants. Replace with a fresh bowl of fruit or fresh bouquet of flowers.


There is a silent communication process that takes place between human beings and their environment. Feng Shui is the ancient art and science of living in harmony with your surroundings. For further information or to connect with Kelly Rehborg visit .








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