Happy Administrative Professionals Day!


With over 85+ offices and 1,700+ sales professionals, CENTURY 21 Affiliated could not run as smoothly or professionally without our Administrative staff members. We are grateful for the support, hard work and positivity that they bring to the company every day. So in the spirit of Administrative Professional Day – we thank our Admins for being the heart and soul of CENTURY 21 Affiliated.

"Every day we rely on you as the backbone of Affiliated and today the world pays special recognition.  We join in the celebration.  Well done all. Thank you!" - Bill Kessler, Founder

"We are extremely proud of the recent growth and success of Century 21 Affiliated, that success would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our outstanding support staff company wide. Thanks for all you do for the organization, helping making Century 21 Affiliated the #1 Century 21 in the world!" - Dan Kruse, President & CEO


Here's what our Office Manager, Gretchen Whitt, had to say about our Office Admin, Amanda:


Amanda Kreibich - La Crosse, Wisconsin
"Our Admin Amanda Kreibich truly takes pride in her position by making our office runs smoothly, being an A+ organizer and problem solver, she is always looking ahead to plan and is super talented/creative!  In a nutshell, "A Rockstar" Amanda makes sure to acknowledge special events and occasions, plus goes above and beyond to make everyone feel special, this usually involving her cooking, which everyone loves!  She takes good care of all of us and is always going above and beyond, she has made it her goal to help everyone succeed!  Job well done Amanda!  You are the foundation of our office...Thank you from all of us in the La Crosse office!!! We Love You!" - Gretchen Whitt


Thank you, Amanda, for being so awesome and thinking about our needs 24/7/365!!!

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