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Kelsey Brooks

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Always Providing A Helpful Hand!

I pride myself on being a people person! Whether you are looking for a home to rent or just need some advice on a problem you have, I'll be more than happy to help! I got into the Real Estate business to help people, and I never pass up the chance to lend a hand. My experience is that this business can be confusing, and its always helpful to have someone you can count on to guide you in the right direction.

There is no better feeling than helping someone find the perfect place, and having everything come together!

Please give me a call (630) 542-1089

Professional Background

Before becoming a Leasing Agent Kelsey worked as an office manager for KJB Realty Inc, and now is an office manager for Century 21 Affiliated in Yorkville. She has been building relationships in the Real Estate business for most of her life and really enjoys it! Kelsey is familiar with the many of the different types of Real Estate, and specialized in Rentals. If you are looking for someone with good experience and knowledge she is the person to call!

Professional Interests

Kelsey's passion are Rentals. No matter the area they are in she is always on the ball and ready to go! Whether you are interested in a standard lease or a lease with an option to buy Kelsey would love to help. All you need to do is pick up the phone and give her a call. (:

Personal Background

Kelsey grew up and graduated high school in Yorkville, IL. She is currently enrolled at the College of Dupage studying Business Management! The housing market and how things work has been a passion of Kelsey's for quite some time and she is working towards a degree that will help her with both!

Personal Interests

Kelsey is truly a family oriented person. On her time you can usually find her hanging out at home spending time with her family. She is the middle child with two amazing brothers!

One of Kelsey's favorite hobbies is shopping, always out there looking for the best deal! If you need any advice on the right store to go to she is your girl!


Community Involvement

Kelsey's company is very involved with the Yorkville Chamber of Commerce. They volunteer at many events, to raise money for the town and spread awareness! They love to put up booths and do raffles for everyone to take part in. Kelsey loves to give back to her community whenever she can and encourages her friends and family to do so too!

Top 10 features to consider while looking for the perfect property to rent out!

  1. Neighborhoods:The quality of the neighborhood in which you buy will influence both the types of tenants you attract and how often you face vacancies. 
  2. Property Taxes: Property taxes are not standard across the board and, as an investor planning to make money from rent, you want to be aware of how much you will be losing to taxes. 
  3. Schools : Your tenants may have or be planning to have children, so they will need a place near a decent school.
  4. Crime: No one wants to live next door to a hot spot for criminal activity.
  5. Job: Locations with growing employment opportunities tend to attract more people - meaning more tenants.
  6. Amenities: Check the potential neighborhood for current or projected parks, malls, gyms, movie theaters, public transport hubs and all the other perks that attract renters.
  7. Building Permits and Future Development: The municipal planning department will have information on all the new development that is coming or has been zoned into the area.  
  8. Amount of Listings and Vacancies: If there is an unusually high amount of listings for one particular neighborhood, this can either signal a seasonal cycle or a neighborhood that has "gone bad."
  9. Rents: Rent will be the bread and butter for your rental property, so you need to know what the average rent in the area is.
  10. Natural Disasters: Insurance is another expense that you will have to subtract from your returns, so it is good to know just how much you will need to carry.




4 Steps To Raise Your Credit Score Before You Rent!

step 1

Get your credit report

Granted, getting your credit report or credit score will not actually raise your credit score, but it will put you in position to control your credit score.

step 2

Prioritize your budget

Typically, people with higher credit scores know where they are spending their money, how much they owe and how much is in the bank.

step 3

Pay down your debt

It sounds like a cliche, but paying down your debt and paying on time are really the only ways to improve your credit score. The FICO score formula is nuanced and complex, but sticking to the basics will work wonders for your score over many months.


5 Steps To Find The Perfect Rental Home!

STEP 1: Determine what you can pay.

Before hunting for a rental, draw up a budget and take a hard look at where your money is going. If you've got some time before hitting the market for a new rental, run the numbers!

STEP 2: Brainstorm the features you're seeking.

Beyond a basic bedroom and bathroom count, ask if there are other "nice-to-have" versus essential features:

  • Do you want a patio or deck, or access to a backyard or shared outdoor space?
  • Do you want a fireplace?

And consider your compromises:

  • Would you give up some space and a yard in the suburbs in exchange for a smaller, close-in place that had a park across the street?

STEP 3: Map your day.

No, really -- do it. Cross-reference your geographic locations and schedule, and take a look at where you spend your time. Then have your agent check out what's available in those locations!

STEP 4: Choose your rental type.

This step will depend on how long of a lease term you're after and how big of a place you need. Depending on your market and your needs, you can rent a wide variety of home types from a variety of types of landlords.



5 Qualities Of A Good Tenant!

  1. Honesty / Integrity Trust... reliability... decency are qualities that come to mind when I think of a top quality tenant. I want a tenant who will do what he agrees to do. Someone who morally chooses to do the right thing. A person whose signature on a contract signifies a binding promise they will keep.
  2. Creditworthiness If I am going to give legal possession of a valuable piece of real property to a tenant, I'm going to first want to know I'm dealing with someone with a good track record concerning credit. We have technology available now that can give me a credit report on the computer instantly on any rental prospect, so I definitely want to assure myself that my prospect deals with financial matters in a reputable way. 
  3. Ability to Pay Does the tenant have sufficient income or other resources to easily pay the rent and other living expenses every month? Is the tenant employed or just independently wealthy? Does the tenant depend on any other parties to survive? The answers to these questions will tell you how secure this tenancy will be.
  4. Cleanliness A clean tenant has higher standards than a dirty tenant. It is a fact that clean tenant will care for your rental property better than a dirty tenant.
  5. Respect This is an important one. I have had the worst experiences with people who do not respect others. They may not even respect themselves, which usually means they won't treat your property very well since they don't respect it either. If they do not respect you as the landlord, you have a recipe for trouble.


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