What is your home really worth???

Have you ever stopped to consider what your home is really worth.

Of course, it has many memories (priceless ~ right?) yet, in the event you have a change take place in your life, you may consider selling it.  You, of course, want to make certain you position yourself in a good light in the market place.

You may have just had your children go off to college or get married; now, you may be an empty nester.  Perhaps you are starting out on the path of homeownership and you desire to buy a home.

Believe it or not, either as a buyer considering a home purchase or as a seller looking to sell you, will want to have information on what the market is doing and how to price your home for sale (or pay for a home).

One of the best ways to find out what your home is worth is have a professional REALTOR® take a look at your home and do what is referred to as a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA).

Most agents will consider doing at as a courtesy to you.  Keep in mind what the internet says, friends say and what you think the house sold for down the street last month does is not a true indicator of what your home is worth, the market is.  One sure way to get and idea of pricing for selling or buying a home is having the services of a professional REALTOR® help provide you the data to make that determination.

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