Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to all the projects you could, should do to improve your home­!­­ According to a recent article on Houzz, a leading online platform for home remodeling and design, there are 3 main factors to consider when prioritizing your home improvement projects:

1.­ Energy Level:­ When we bought our current home, we had rose colored glasses cemented on when it came to the size of our yard and our actual energy levels after a long day or week of work.­ Now we are faced with the ongoing agony of managing a large yard that isn't a match for the amount of time and energy required to keep it up.­ Don't make the same mistake!­ Ask yourself:­ How many hours do ­I have to dedicate to­ my home improvement projects­­ ­ More importantly, how much energy do you realistically have to dedicate or want to dedicate to home improvement projects­­­ Be honest with yourself.­ This is especially important when house hunting and comparing homes.­ Which home is the best match for your energy levels outside of work­­

2.­ Budget:­ This is where the rubber meets the road.­ How much $ do you have to dedicate to home improvement projects each year­­­ ­How does this compare to your project list­­­ This may lead to the need vs. want discussion and/or the feasibility of hiring it done ­versus DIY decision.­ Pull up excel and look at the real numbers.­ This factor is essential in determining what is realistic when purchasing a home too.

3.­ Personal Style:­ Once you have ­looked at your budget and energy levels, its time to decide what your style is.­ This is the fun part!­ Get on Pinterest and start pinning what you like for bathrooms, floors, etc. When you know what you like and want, the whole home improvement process is more seamless.­ ENJOY!

Finally, have a master plan.­ Do you want to go room by room or do a larger overall project like new flooring or painting your home­­ There isn't a right or wrong approach here.­ Its deciding what matters most to you at this time.­ That being said, if you plan on selling your home in the next couple of should focus on the largest impact projects and select more broad appeal styles.

Oops!­ One more thing...HAVE FUN!

Source:­ "First Things First:­ How to Prioritize Home Improvement Projects" by Alison Hodgson, Houzz Contributor

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