Introducing the newest member to the Warne Family!  Meet Ellie our Maltipoo.  She is a mix between and maltese and poodle.  Ellie will not get over 10 pounds so we are all looking forward to some cuddle time with her!

It has been over 17 years since we have had a puppy in the house.  Don't get me wrong, we love dogs, but when Mark and I lived in a smaller house and Bethany and Hayley were little, we didn't have the extra space inside for our large breed Labradors and we built dog runs outside for them.  We have raised Labs since 1994 and still have 3 at home, but our whole family has been ready for an indoor pet again. 

We are definitely on the go a lot, so the decision to bring Ellie into our lives was a big one.   Having a puppy is a lot of work and commitment.  Potty training, obedience training, and commitment to care for Ellie for the length of her life are responsibilities of good pet ownership.  This puppy could live to be 15-20 years old.  That means Mark and I are going to be the ones caring for Ellie long after the kids have left home.  

I don't think getting a puppy should be a spur of the moment decision for anyone.  I read too many stories of older pets needing a new home because the current owner cannot care for the pet anymore.  My belief is Ellie is now a part of our family and it is our job to give her a good home for her entire life-not someone else along the way.   I know there are extenuating circumstances at times that pet owners have to let go of a pet.  I am referring to those pet owners who adopted a puppy/dog and didn't realize that the puppy chews, jumps, barks, or needs room to run- and for those reasons look to get rid of the pet.  I say shame on those pet owners-they should have researched and made sure they could take care of the pet for its entire life.  

Since having raised Labs and then children, I see so many similarities between the two.  The most important things to remember to do as a parent and pet owner is to be consistent and follow through.  Children and pets respond better when adults do these two things.   This is the plan and I know Ellie will be much happier for it-and so will I!  

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