Get Away Vacations

I don't know about you, but this cold wintery weather has me longing of sand, sun, and fun somewhere else.  When we are stuck inside, and do not see the sun for days (like we did just last month), our behavior tends to become "sour."  At least mine does.  Then it is hard to get motivated to get up, go to work, exercise, or just be excited about doing anything.  

Below are some pictures of the Excellence Rivieria Resort in Cancun Mexico.  I traveled here a couple of years ago during our winter season.  One of the best and most relaxing trips I have taken.  It is an all inclusive resort, which I liked because I didn't have to worry about carrying a bunch of money with me.  


Taking a get away vacation like this makes me excited!  After I return home from a warm and sunny destination, I feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle work and life again!   It's amazing how just a few days away can change your whole attitude.  I highly recommend it!

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