Homecoming Week

South Newton's Homecoming is this Friday!  Our football team takes on the West Central Trojans.  Homecoming week brings school spirit to a higher level and presents some other activities not found throughout the rest of the school year.  

Yesterday evening the Junior and Senior Girls of South Newton played each other in the annual Powderpuff football game.  This is always an enjoyable event to come out and watch as their male classmates try to coach a bunch of girls in this flag football game.  Don't get me wrong, it can still be a pretty physical game overall, as these girls run and dart up field trying to dodge the other team from getting their flag.  And in the process can collide and end up tumbling to the ground pretty hard.  The girls seem to be very serious about helping their team come out on top with the win.   We may think it is a "just for fun" game but to them winning is the goal for each Senior class who participates in this event.  

Last night was no different and the Senior Girls of the class of 2015 were victorious with a 20-7 win.  Good job to both teams!  You all played a tough game!

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