Juggling Life

As a wife and mother, juggling these areas of my life keeps me on my toes.

I definitley have to keep an up to date calendar with all my real estate appointments, the kids doctor appointments, school events, summer activites, and still try to find some "me time."

It was most challenging the beginning of June once the kids got out of school.  With my oldest daughter graduating High School, we were planning the graduation party.  Also during that time my younger two children were involved in a summer ball league in our small town.  My husband coached our daughter's softball team, while I coached our son's PeeWee team.  It seemed we were gone just about every night. 

To top that off, all three of our kids are in 4H and show calves and pigs at the fair.  The beef project is one that the kids take care of almost the entire year before showing the animal at the fair.  Feeding, rinsing, blowing calves hair, walking them on the halter-all of this takes time and dedication from all family members (because sometimes the kids are at sporting events and Mom and Dad have to step in to help).

There are days I find myself wondering why our family gets involved in so much?  It can be quite tiring.  But then I look at my kids and see well rounded individuals who are learning to be responsible and respectful human beings.  They have experienced more in their short lives than some people do their entire lifetime. 

I am glad to say, as busy as I am with my family and my real estate business, I wouldn't change anything.  There will be one day that comes along and I will probably feel somewhat sad because I won't be running here or there, chasing this craziness we call life.  I hope that day never comes, but if it does, I will know I lived my life to the fullest-raising my kids and being a good wife to the man who has loved me more than half my life.

I am truly blessed.



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