River Front Property

Like a lot of people, I enjoy the outdoors.  I camp with my family in the summer, I walk outside on a regular basis, I choose mowing over cleaning the house, and I like sitting on my back deck soaking up the sunshine.   

This past Saturday, I was showing a couple of river front properties, I have listed, to some gentlemen who also love the outdoors. I happened to take my camera because I needed some new pictures for the listing.  I was excited because there was so much overgrowth at these properties this past summer that it was hard to get pictures to show them off.  

The gentlemen were excited too because they were there checking the property out for future hunting grounds, looking for signs of deer scrapes and rubs, and listening for sounds of wildlife along the way.

With my camera in hand, I had the opportunity to take some pretty pictures of the scenery.  I also had the chance to see over 50 turkey run ahead of me and another wild animal foraging for food.  If you have a keen eye for detail, try and locate that animal.  It is camouflaged well! 

If you get the chance to hike through some woods and spend time in the outdoors, you never know what you may find.  Keep those eyes open!

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