I am sitting here thinking of what is going on in the world.  We turn on the news and most of what we see is violence- violence against children, and violence against women.  It is no wonder we have our guard up sometimes when meeting new people.

With the line of work I do, I come into contact with many people and some of them are complete strangers.  Since the recent death of Beverly Carter, a realtor from Arkansas, I have made myself more aware of surroundings and the people I show homes to.

One thing I have always done with new clients is let them lead the way in the home we are viewing.  I learned this tip my first year into real estate.  I don't want to be caught by surprise from behind.  I also leave a note to my family of the place and time of home showings.  Another thing I have done is ask my husband to call my cell phone during showings to see if I am okay.  He would be able to tell in my voice if there was an emergency.  My phone also has a tracking device if my husband couldn't reach me.  Something new I purchased since Beverly Carter's death is pepper spray.  I will carry this in one hand and my phone in another. 

I enjoy meeting people and talking with them about finding their dream home or selling their home.  It is very sad to think I have to arm myself doing a job I am passionate about because of a small percentage of people.  I will continue being a realtor because I find it very rewarding working with buyers and sellers.  I will not let the violence we see on television control my ability to do my job.  I will just be more aware of how to keep myself safe.    

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