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It takes eight seconds for most buyers to form a first opinion on your home. you need to make it count. As a Realtor and a certified home staging professional I am going to outline a list of steps to follow before you put your house on the market.



Declutter and Organize

Arguable the most important and yet time consuming, stressful part of the selling process. Go through closets, drawers, garage, and basement etc. Be discerning with items to take to your new home. The best time to start packing is before your house is on the market.  Selling in winter? Pack summer clothes, shoes and home decor. Stack boxes neatly in your basement. Discarded items could be sold on Facebook sites like; Quality Home Decor, Lake Country Buy Sale or Trade, Quality or Not, Waukesha area Buy, Sell or Trade. How about a donation to Salvation Army, Purple Heart, Habitat for humanity or Goodwill. If you plan a rummage sale, insure it's done far enough in advance of showings so you don't have a mess in the garage. Completing this on the front end saves time and stress once an accepted offer and closing date is set.  *TIP- remove all family photos from the house as they are distractions. Buyers must visualize their families in your house.

Deep Clean

Now that you've decluttered and organized it's time to clean those baseboards, shampoo carpets, dust ceiling fans, scrub floors, sweep and power wash garage... get into all those nooks and crannies that you missed over the years and  you'll be glad you did! Buyers want to know you've taken care of your home and there is no better proof than cleanliness.

 Repair any issues

While cleaning you may discover areas in need of repair. Do this before showings. Buyers are looking for red flags. Your goal is to eliminate all objections to the sale.

Fix up the yard

You only get one chance to make a good first impression! Mow the yard, weed the beds, add mulch, power wash sidewalks. Pick up what your pets may have left behind!


Buyers are distracted by bold paint colors and taste specific decor. Neutral tones are best. As a certified home staging specialist, I would be happy to assist in this all important area.


Ok, now your house is on the market.. here are a few more tips and tricks to follow.

  •    Treat everyday like there will be a showing so you are always ready!
  •    Insure the house is spotless by wiping down counters, clean toilets, vacuum, clean floors and pick up any item that is out of place.
  •   Smell is an important human sense! After deep cleaning, your home should already smell fresh. If you need an extra boost, light a candle, in fall, try Macintosh by Yankee Candles, or Autumn by Bed bath beyond. In Winter, I like Christmas Cookie by Yankee Candles. In Spring/Summer, I recommend clean fresh scents like, Early Sunrise by Yankee Candles or the Rewind collection- my favorites are Pinto Noir and Mimosa. If you aren't a candle person, bake cookies and if you're feeling generous you can even leave some for the buyers.
  •  Remove pets. Nobody wants to hear barking while looking at a home or be surprised by a cat. Take your fur babies with you.
  •  Let light in, and turn lights on! Control temperature by having windows open,or  turning on heat or A/C.  You want the buyers to stay in the house as long as possible, make sure the temperature is comfortable.


When listing with me, you will get Free Staging Services. I will declutter, organize and rearrange furniture and finish off with professional photography.



Sarah Kugi

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