My personal first-time home buying story

Thought I would share my own ­first ­time home buying experience with you.­ We purchased our first home in May 2015.­­ We wanted a home we could design/update to fit our style

We were enjoying a beautiful day and ­visiting­ a number of showings and a property that was new to the market had an open house. We decided to stop, I really loved the layout and the­ neighborhood, however, the home was located ­on the corner and the driveway was located off an ally way. ­*Quick Tip, the 5 Reasons Properties Sell-­­ 1. Location, ­2. ­Price, 3. Terms, 4. Condition of property 5. The agent. The buyer can only­ control 4 of these.­ Price, Terms, Condition of property and ­the agent. The seller has no control over­ location.­ When an agents ­sells­ you a home, resale value should ­always­ be measured. As your agent, you can count on me to­ share­ concerns regarding resale values.

This property made me dizzy with excitement as the potential to design to suit our style was­ obvious.. ­We set up a second showing and­ seriously­ considered­ writing an offer.­ The home ­was vacant and I recall us ­sitting on the floor of this empty home ­late ­at night only to realize....­­this isn't the one. Luckily, we were on the same page.

It becomes glaringly­ apparent ­when my clients visit a home that isn't­­ 'the one'­. Trust your'll­­ know it when you see it! ­If you find yourself making too many­'s­ not for you.­Truly, it's that simple.

We discovered a new listing just ­3 hours on the market. We walked through silently, and knew we found the one. Our creative decorating ideas­ matched­ perfectly as we ­dialogued ­about­ which ­wall­ to remove­ and how to redo the kitchen layout.­ When you know, you know.­

We wrote an offer that night, and received verbal counters the next day. Come the weekend, the property scheduled ­10 showings and ultimately received another offer. At this point we countered our original offer ­$1,500 over asking.­ Say what­! ­A Realtor® paid over asking­­­ Here's why. The property wasn't over priced, It's a sellers market and it was on the low end of our budget.

After the first sleepless night, I received the 'you got­ the house' call. We were ­exhilarated ­and overcome with emotion!­

Fast forward to closing day and the second sleepless night, I woke up around­ 2am ­with flu like symptoms feeling lethargic and nervous for the big day ahead. I have a high tolerance for pain and­ wouldn't ­give in to the flu ­but I couldn't help think my condition was caused ­by stress.. After all the docs were signed and keys were transferred we were able to meet the estate owners. After visiting only­ briefly, I ran to the bathroom and ­puked TMI I know, I know.

One of my main goals is to make your deal exciting and stress free. Living through my own first time home buying experience helps me appreciate the nerves and excitement my clients feel ­in making­ the ­biggest ­investment ­of their lives!­­ As a­ result, I am better able to serve my clients, knowing how it feels to be in ­their ­shoes.



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