2019 Best Places to Retire


By Liz Dominguez

Are you beginning your search for the retirement spot where you can truly lay back and relax? You'll want a place that feels like vacation, but can also sustain your lifestyle. It's a big step and there's a lot to consider. The biggest factors? A location's desirability, affordability, impact on happiness, job market, healthcare quality and taxes—all of which were taken into account in the new U.S. News & World Report 2019 Best Places to Retire.

"Deciding where to retire is a big decision," says Emily Brandon, senior editor for Retirement at U.S. News. "The Best Places to Retire offers a way for future retirees to make a more informed decision based on what matters the most to them. Whether that be housing affordability, access to quality hospitals or the desirability of a place in general, the rankings offer a comprehensive list that can point people in the best direction for their needs."

Which locations stand out? Here are the top 10 best places to retire:

1. Lancaster, Pa.
Overall score: 7.5
Housing Affordability: 6.7
Healthcare: 9.3

2. Fort Myers, Fla.
Overall score: 7.4
Housing Affordability: 6.8
Healthcare: 5.7

3. Sarasota, Fla.
Overall score: 7.4
Housing Affordability: 6.6
Healthcare: 6.2

4. Austin, Texas
Overall score: 7.2
Housing Affordability: 6.0
Healthcare: 5.6

5. Pittsburgh, Pa.
Overall score: 7.1
Housing Affordability: 7.5
Healthcare: 8.0

6. Grand Rapids, Mich.
Overall score: 7.1
Housing Affordability: 7.5
Healthcare: 7.1

7. Nashville, Tenn.
Overall score: 7.1
Housing Affordability: 7.1
Healthcare: 6.2

8. San Antonio, Texas
Overall score: 7.0
Housing Affordability: 7.0
Healthcare: 5.4

9. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas
Overall score: 7.0
Housing Affordability: 6.4
Healthcare: 6.4

10. Lakeland, Fla.
Overall score: 7.0
Housing Affordability: 7.5
Healthcare: 6.3

Since last year's rankings, Lancaster got bumped up from the No. 2 spot, now positioned as the most desirable location. Why? It's now more affordable and residents are pretty happy to live there. Fort Myers, previously lower on the list at No. 15, made strides, jumping to the runner-up spot for dramatic increases in desirability and happiness scores. Additionally, Austin, Texas—previously at No. 9—is now in the fourth slot.

Of course, each location has something unique to offer. You'll have to weigh whether you prefer a nice, relaxing beach spot or a populous town that has a lot going on! Which retirement getaway will you choose?

View the entire list and methodology on U.S. News & World Report.
Liz Dominguez is RISMedia's associate content editor. Email her your real estate news ideas at ldominguez@rismedia.com. 

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