4 Ways Brands Can Ensure Visibility on Social Media Channels

Developing a solid presence on social media is a key part of any communications strategy, but the reality is that communicators have no real control over what will surface on audience news feeds. Maintaining organic visibility is a greater challenge now that social media companies are favoring sponsored advertisements in their news feed algorithms.

To navigate these changes, brands can stimulate visibility on social media by using a variety of tactics to interact with audiences and seed awareness of brand messages.  The key is to shift the destination for visitors away from the organization's social presences, and instead point audiences toward the brand's owned channels.

As communicators develop outreach strategies, incorporating these four tactics will help secure brand visibility, even in the ever changing social media environment:

1.  Making your company website and blog the central repository of original content

2.  Employing a mix of distribution channels to ensure maximum visibility among existing and new audiences

3.  Building content that encourages organic social sharing, to tap the individual power of brand followers

4.  Using social channels strategically to build awareness and interaction, while driving audiences to channels the brand owns

For more on these tips and discussion on how to secure brand visibility on social media, read the latest blog post "Safeguarding Brand Visibility on Social Networks" on PR Newswire's Beyond PR blog: prn.to/TNQuRl

Source: PR Newswire

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