5 Ways to Declutter Your Digital Life


By Zoe Eisenberg

You may declutter your home, but what about your digital space? Many of us spend hours online each day, so you should make your online atmosphere as streamlined as your living room at the end of cleaning day.

Hit "unfollow". There's no reason to have 5,000 Facebook friends or follow 2,000 folks on instagram. Have an "unfollow" spree where you remove users you don't find inspiring or have a direct connection with.

Hit "unsubscribe”. Email account bogged down? Don't just hit 'delete'. Take 10 minutes every morning for one week to hit "unsubscribe" on any newsletters, shopping memos or other online alerts cluttering up your inbox.

Consolidate subscriptions. If you have a dozen or so online subscriptions, like music streaming platforms, content streaming platforms, and more, look into consolidating subscriptions. Several platforms now partner with each other, an obvious way to consolidate. For instance, a Spotify Premium account now comes with access to Hulu, so one subscription offers double access. Consider a family Netflix account instead of an individual plan.

Merge emails. Did you know you can merge multiple email addresses into one account so that all of your mail is accessible in one spot? This is helpful for entrepreneurs, business owners or anyone with two, three, or four separate email addresses.

Purge your hard drive. Go through all of the documents on your computer and look for items you can delete or backup and remove from your machine. This will make space and could even lengthen the lifespan of your machine. 

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2019. All rights reserved.

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