6 Mobile Apps to Increase Your Productivity

Files, emails, pictures, songs, tasks…the list of things we store on our phones and computers goes on and on. That doesn’t mean it needs to be chaos. Here is a list of our favorite apps that help us stay organized at work and at home.

CARROT is not for the faint of heart – “She” is a task manager with personality, and you keep her happy by getting things done in real life. The sadistic to-do list keeps us coming back everyday itching to check off another thing from our list.  CARROT is now the first to-do list that gifts you a kitten as a reward for getting stuff done in real life. But slackers make CARROT upset, and you don’t want her to be upset. CARROT comes with a To-Do list, Alarm Clock, Fitness Tracker, Hunger Calorie Counter and Weather forecasts. It’s the best-worst app you’ll ever encounter. Price: $0.99
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Spark is much more than a mailbox. It's a smart, inbox which collects all of your emails and automatically categorizes them for easy processing. Spark is smart enough to know what type of emails you receive. The inbox automatically sorts emails into personal, newsletter and notification boxes for easy processing, putting real emails from real people as top priority. And with just a swipe, pin important emails to the top of your inbox. Free
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Inflow Visual Notebook
Inkflow is a similar to a Word Document but for visual thinkers. You can draw, write and create your thoughts and then organize them with a touch of your fingers. Need to print your thoughts? No problem. You can easily export your creations to PDF or JPEG formats. Free.
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Brewster is a great contact manager. Brewster links to multiple places where you might have contact information stored and brings them together, merging duplicate contacts as you go. It's a time saver for all your networking needs. Free
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When you come upon something you'd like to read later, just click a small Pocket button in your browser (or other devices), which will save the article into your “read later” list. Then when you have a spare moment, go back into your pocket and read your saved articles. Free
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Networking just got easier and eco-friendly. CamCard is a digital business card app allows users to exchange e-business cards, keep information from paper cards and store contacts all in one place. Free
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