9 Last Minute Halloween Costumes Ideas

It's Halloween Eve and you have no idea what to dress up as? We've got you covered with these 9 last minute costume ideas for Halloween!

1. The Brawny Man

Flannel shirt? Check. Blue jeans? Check. Brawny paper towels? Check!


Source: FunCage.com 

2. Identity Thief

A plain T-shirt and a packet of "Hello My Name Is" stickers and you're set with this costume!


Source: FunCage.com

3. Split P 

Cut out a large p from a piece of colored construction paper, then cut it in half. Tape it to your hoodie so that the zipper appears to slice through it.


Source: RealSimple.com

4. Burglars

A striped shirt, black pants, and a money bag are the necessities of this costume. If you'd like to go a little further you can add a black stocking hat, gloves, and a mask!


Source: CamilleStyles.com

5. Rosie the Riveter 

A navy blue button down or work stuit, a red bandana, and a fierce face. Done. 


Source: RealSimple.com

6. Wednesday Addams 

The fashion trend is on our side with this costume idea. Collared dresses can be found in multiple stores. Check out Asos.com for a variety of choices!


Source: Asos.com

7. Mad Men 

If you're a huge Mad Men fan, there's no better way to show your love of the '60s drama than by dressing up as your favorite character on the show. Golf tees, pleated pants, and sophistication complete this look. 


Source: BananaRepublic.com 

8. Lightning Bolt & an Electrified Person 

This costume calls for a cardboard cut out, a burnt shirt, and lots of hairspray. Have fun with this one!


Source: Mashable.com 

9. Zombie

You could go as a Zombie version of last year's costume or a Zombie version of yourself. Nonetheless, all you'll need is a makeup kit, fake blood, and these helpful tips from the Special Efx Make Up Artist of AMC's The Walking Dead.  


Source: ThisSillyGirlsLife.com 

Costume or not, we wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween! 

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