April 2016 Real Estate Market Update | CENTURY 21 Affiliated


Welcome to the April edition of the CENTURY 21 Affiliated Market Update. The last market update was right before the global conference and CENTURY 21® President Rick Davidson gave a nice pitch for the global conference. Since then many CENTURY 21 Affiliated agents went out to Florida, had a fantastic time and were extremely fortunate to get on stage at the awards banquet Friday night to be recognized as the largest CENTURY 21 in the world. “From Bill, myself, our partners, leadership throughout the company, we want to say a huge thank you to all your hard work and dedication you guys put in over the last year,” said President and CEO Dan Kruse. “It’s so exciting there to have 100 of us rush the stage so that we all participated in the award because the award was for everybody not just for us.”

“I love this consistency, it’s just incredible” Rick Davidson said as he announced CENTURY 21 Affiliated as the #1 company in the United States and in the World in closed units for the third year in a row.

It was a fantastic year in 2015 and CENTURY 21 Affiliated is pushing forward for another great year in 2016.          

The market seems busy and active with January and February being great months, and March being a fairly good month with really good pendings. “We think April is going to play out that way as well. The biggest challenge we continue to face is the lack of good listing inventory that’s out there,” said Dan.

According to agents throughout the entire office footprint, it is an issue in every single market. “I think that if I’m an agent out there I need to focus on making sure we meet contingencies, understand how to deal with multiple offers, and know when a new property hits the market place there’s probably going to be an open house that afternoon and multiple offers taking place later that day,” said Dan.

“We have been through these markets before and the winners are creative and have a sense of urgency,” said Bill. “When a new property hits the market, get your tail out there. Often the first offer wins.” Creativity can be use in appraisals as well. Try to make the property not subject to an appraisal. “Think what’s the best your buyer can do on all areas, not just on price but on terms and that will help you be the winner” said Bill.

“I was just talking to one of our agents the other day with multiple offers on a property within 24 hours, and was subject to appraisal. If it didn’t appraise out within $10,000 the buyers made up the cash to make that appraisal. So technique and creativity are part of the puzzle.” Dan Kruse

Additionally, Skylight Insurance Agency is now part of CENTURY 21 Affiliated’s list of ancillary services. ‘We are very proud that we now have Skylight Insurance, of which we are involved and partners with so we’ll make sure it’s going to work. Now it will be an automatic checkbox on the transaction worksheet so hopefully it will be a better fit to all of you,” Bill.

Finally, On May 11 at the Harley Davidson Roadhouse CENTURY 21 Affiliated is Hosting a Mike Ferry seminar in Madison Wisconsin and is open to all CENTURY 21 Affiliated agents. After the event there will be an open house at the corporate headquarters. If interested please talk to your local team leaders or register in the online office. 

For past real estate market updates, visit our CENTURY 21 Affiliated YouTube channel!

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