C21 Affiliated Real Estate Market Update with Dan & Bill--April '14

Welcome back to the Market Update with Dan & Bill. In the last market update, Century 21 Affiliated was getting ready to take the stage at the Century 21 Global Conference in Las Vegas as the #1 Century 21 Franchise in the world! It was a fantastic event, educational, and a lot of fun. We had over 125 Agents from the Century 21 Affiliated system to join us on stage and cheer us on. 

Founder and CEO Bill Kessler talks through the first quarter of 2014. "The first quarter of 2014 did exactly what we predicted. Because of the horrible weather, the paucity of inventory, and because of other uncertainties it was a slow first quarter." Bill explains, however, that buyer inquiries were still very high. In fact, online inquiries were at an all-time record high. "Now more and more properties everyday get above water i.e. the owners think they can afford to sell because their home is worth what it was worth seven years ago, finally. And more listings then come into the market," Bill explains. "That's been our biggest problem and the biggest problem with the industry for the last 14 months is getting quality inventory into the marketplace. Now with this happening, the market is happening." 

President of Century 21 Affiliated, Dan Kruse, predicts a very strong Spring and Summer selling season. "We've already seen it throughout the month of April, the listing inventory is starting to come back a little bit but we need to continue to increase our listing inventory. If we do that we will win the sign battle and ultimately bring in more buyers and I think that means we will have a strong Spring and Summer season," Dan explains. Leadership at Century 21 Affiliated are confident that if Agents are eager to work this summer they will be pleased with the results. 

For the complete April 2014 Real Estate Market update, and a photo montage from the fun at the 2014 CENTURY 21 Global Conference check out the video above. 

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