CENTURY 21 Affiliated - Naperville Welcomes Kalyn Works


CENTURY 21 Affiliated would like to welcome Kalyn Works to the Naperville, IL office. 

In 2015 I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Sports Management from Huntington College, located in Montgomery, Alabama. I am acute to the athletic world within higher education, and while these professions are vastly different, the lessons I have acquired along the way will serve me well in the Real Estate industry. I am currently still employed in athletics by serving as the Assistant Women's Lacrosse Coach at North Central College. I also performed a stint as a Preschool Teacher with Chesterbrook Academy for the past year and a half. Deciding to leave those sweet children to pursue full time Real Estate was challenging- they're just so cute! But this endeavor has been undoubtedly worthwhile.

I earned my Real Estate License at the end of 2017, and began actively practicing within the profession in September of 2018. When starting something new I like to be ready to jump in with both feet and give it the attention it deserves. Waiting until this past Fall was the best decision I could have made because now I'm really jumping!  Prior to taking the state exam I had minimal connection to the real estate world, so to say this has been exciting would be an understatement. I am currently living by the moto that "we all start somewhere" and I am pleased that my start is with Century 21 Affiliated!

Naturally, and as no surprise to me, choosing real estate as a career actually began as my husband's idea. We were planning to take the course together, however due to schedule conflicts, I ended up taking the class solo. I was skeptical at first and very shortly any doubt I had was evaporated. I thoroughly enjoy the class and learning from the real world experience brought to us by our instructor. I quickly realized I had many intangible characteristics that are found to help agents find success in this industry. As a life long learner, I knew that the knowledge required would come with experience and a strong will to learn it. Now here I am, learning and living in this industry, and loving that I chose it!

I am from New York, I am only 4'10" but pack a powerful punch, I was recently married on June 2, 2018, I was a collegiate lacrosse player for 4 years, I am a College Lacrosse coach at North Central College and we went to the conference championship last year (Go Cardinals!), I love Boston Kreme Donuts, I really want to go to Nova Scotia, and I enjoy making spreadsheets to stay organized.

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