CENTURY 21 Affiliated Leadership Attends 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

CENTURY 21 Affiliated Founder, Bill Kessler and McFarland Team Leader, Jeff Schraml are enjoying their time at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil! Called the “Jeff and Bill Big Adventure”, the pair fought their way through eight airports and 14 gate changes before arriving at their condo in the Ipanema Beach neighborhood.  

Jeff Schraml (left) and Bill Kessler (right) departing for Rio De Janeiro. 

Bill Kessler enjoying the streets of Rio De Janeiro. 

Despite the negative press, Kessler and Schraml are pleased by the city of Rio De Janeiro. "Rio is relatively empty. No traffic jams. No food waits...Citizens are very welcoming and great fun," said Kessler.  

Outdoor chalkboard on Ipanema Beach, Rio De Janeiro.

The pair started their "Olympic Spectatorship" watching Men's Beach Volleyball, USA v. Austria, followed by Women's Beach Volleyball, Netherlands v. Costa Rica. 

Bill Kessler holding his ticket for Beach Volleyball. 

Kessler and Schraml's view while entering the Beach Volleyball arena on Copacabana beach. 

Next on the list was Men's Rugby with USA losing to Argentina 14-17. Kessler and Schraml spent nine hours watching twelve Rugby matches at Campo De Rugby - Deodoro. Fiji took Gold, which was the first time Fiji has won a Gold Medal in any sport in the history of the Olympics. 

Cheering on USA Men's Rugby while sporting USA themed sunglasses and temporary tattoos. 

CENTURY_21_Affiliated_Bill_Kessler_Jeff_SchramlBill Kessler and Jeff Schraml celebrating Fiji's Gold Medal victory.

Kessler and Schraml scored center-court tickets to the Nadal and Williams Tennis matches, but  unfortunately both matches were rained out. They didn't let the rain end their fun, and they spent the day in the Olympic Village.

Kessler at the Tennis Stadium during the rained-out matches.

While the pair continues on the "Jeff and Bill Big Adventure", we will not only cheer on our country in the 2016 Olympics but also our leadership that is representing CENTURY 21 Affiliated across continents.

To see more about Bill Kessler and Jeff Schraml's adventures in Rio De Janeiro, subscribe to the CENTURY 21 Affiliated Blog.

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