Caring for Seniors During Hurricane Season


While many of us think of the safety of our family during natural disasters, older adults may require some unique precautions if a storm is on the way. Home Instead Senior Care recommends the following to help older adults and families prepare for a weather emergency:

Make a plan. Communicate frequently to develop a plan of action for when unexpected weather hits. Be sure to discuss with people who are a key part of ensuring the safety of a loved one, such as neighbors, caregivers and friends.

Tune in. Stay abreast of what's going on through your local radio or television station or emergency management office.

Decide early. When deciding to evacuate, older adults should go sooner rather than later. Stay informed about whether evacuation is crucial. For older adults who require mobility assistance, waiting too long to evacuate can be a serious threat.

Assemble a kit. An essentials kit will help avoid waiting in long lines for supplies. Have a kit packed and ready with things like food, water, flashlights, personal documents and other essential items. Have at least a one-month supply of medication on hand at all times. This is particularly important for seniors who rely on multiple prescriptions.

Pack identification and other documents. Store important items - such as prescription information, car title registration and driver's license, insurance documents, and bank account numbers and a spare checkbook - in a waterproof protector. Also pack extra eyeglasses and hearing-aid batteries. Label every piece of important equipment or personal item in case they’re lost.

Note all contacts. Compile a list of important contacts, including a loved one's support network, doctors and other healthcare professionals. The information can be recorded and kept in a free Home Instead Senior Emergency kit, available at

Ask for help. If you don’t live near a loved one, enlist the help of family or friends, or contact a company that provides professional caregiving.


Source: The Home Instead Senior Care network 

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