Community Gardening


If you’re like many people, you’ve thought about how fun it would be to take up gardening – but then realize how much effort and knowledge it requires. Luckily there are these things called Community Gardens, and they are great places to start off small and grow into your green thumb.

But how do you join a Community Garden? The easiest way to find a Community Garden near is you to go to and click the “Find A Garden” tab. It allows you to put in your location and search within 5-50 miles. 

Keep in mind Community Gardening is not typically free, but some memberships give you access to tools, water, and education resources. If you want to get really garden-savvy, you can join the American Community Gardening Association (ACGA) and get online training, monthly e-newsletters and access to free seed packets! 

Once you’ve joined a Community Garden, you’ll need your basic gardening tools. According to ACGA, here are the top gardening tools you’ll need to get started. As noted early, some gardens may provide these materials, but it might be best to invest in your own. 

  1. Trowel (the small handheld tool with a pointed blade) is a necessity that will help you get your plants into the soil.
  2. Hand Fork or Claw helps cultivate the soil and chop clumps. It’s especially handy when you have closely planted beds.
  3. Hoe – keep weeds at bay with the long handled hoe.
  4. Hand Pruners (also known as secateurs) are useful trimming your garden.
  5.  A Watering Can is a no brainer. They create fine streams of water that are gentler than your average rain fall. 
  6. Gloves. Don’t forget the gloves!

From there, choose your favorite flowers or foods and get-to-planting! Make sure to do your research on each of the plants before you get started. Some require more care than others, and not every item in the garden is created equal. But the best part of a Community Garden is the Community – so don’t be afraid to ask your neighbor for advice! 

There are endless benefits to Community Gardening (meeting neighbors, adding beauty to the neighborhood and restoring oxygen to prevent pollution), but nothing beats successfully growing your own plants and food to share with your family and friends. 


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