Download The 2016 Agent Rally App!


Will you be attending this year's Agent Rally? Set your agenda before the conference to be sure to attend all of the right breakout sessions for you! Follow the below instructions to download the Agent Rally App on your mobile device: 

1. Download

The EventsXD App is available for iOS, iPad, Android Phone/Tablet, Windows Phone, and Windows Tablet. Go to the online store for whatever platform you have on your phone and/or tablet. Search for EventsXD in the app search.

2. Create An Account

After downloading the app, open it. After opening it should present you with an opportunity to Sign Up to create a new user account. To set up the new user account you will need to provide your email address and a password.

The criteria for passwords is as follows:
Password must be at least 7 characters long, with at least 1 special (non-alphanumeric) character (examples would be @, #), and must contain one capitalized character

Agent_Rally_App3. Search For

"CENTURY 21 Affiliated Agent Rally"

Once you have created the account you can login, search for CENTURY 21 Affiliated Agent Rally conference. Use the visuals below as a guide (the visual is for an iOS device).


Set Your Agenda: 

One of the features of the EventsXD app that you can leverage for the conference is  My Agenda. This feature allows you to build personal customized agenda for the conference. 
1. Click on the Schedule button to open the conference schedule.
2. Once you find a session you want to attend, click on the green star to add it to your Agenda. (You may also remove a session by clicking the green star again.) Note: There are items that appear in My Agenda by default, such as registration, lunch,  keynote, etc. These items can’t be removed from My Agenda and are set for your convenience.

You can also set your agenda through the 2016 Agent Rally Website. 

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