Excel in Your Recruiting Efforts in 2015

We all know how important recruiting is to the growth of your office. Consistently gaining and retaining quality agents establishes a healthy and successful office. Geri Rose, Managing Broker of our Winfield and Valparaiso, IN offices fully understands the importance of a growing office. Both Winfield & Valparaiso offices showed outstanding recruiting efforts in 2014 and continues to excel in growth into 2015. 

"My biggest leverage for recruiting continues to be with the agents I already manage," Geri explains. "I work hard to keep promises to them, to retain them and create a solid , positive culture in which they thrive, therefore they want to tell other outside agents what a great office we have and  share the good thing they have found!" 

"I always ask an agent for referrals of other agents, every conversation I have with them I remind them to keep their eye out for anyone who may be a good fit for us," Geri adds. 

Although recruiting is a necessity, sometimes you need to re-energize your strategies in order to maintain a consistent recruiting effort. The following list of recruiting tactics is meant to give you some fresh ideas about how to fill your office with qualified, desirable agents. Set aside 20 minutes at the beginning of every morning to totally devote to placing recruiting calls. Rotate the names on your list so that you contact each agent at least once every month. 

Use these suggestions from the National Association of REALTORS to jumpstart your recruiting efforts:

  1. Hold a recruiting incentive contest within your office. Encourage your agents to set up appointments for you with recruits and reward those whose appointment results in hiring a new agent. Prizes can be dinner for two, a trip to a local bed- and-breakfast or free gas for a month.
  2. Hold a movie night for your sales associates and recruiting guests at your local theatre. Most likely your theatre has private rental rates. Make sure to send invitations in order to make the event special. 
  3. Comprise a running list of the strengths in your office. Use this information as a part of your office value proposition or in recruiting presentations to differentiate your office from your competitors. Continually update this list as new technologies and innovations are made. Pay particular attention to trends or issues that occur at other local offices and update your list of strengths to reflect this information.
  4. When meeting with a recruit for the second or third time, invite their spouse or partner to dinner with you and your significant other. Remember that recruits make the decision to move many times based on the recommendations and advice of their partner/spouse. 
  5. Place congratulatory notices in the local newspaper and on all Social Media platforms anytime a new agent joins your office. Be sure to include a photo and a quote from that agent explaining why they decided to join your office.
  6. Consider placing a monthly ad in your local paper that includes testimonials from your current agents about why they love working at your office. This is an excellent recruiting as well as retention tool. Also consider adding testimonials to your Social Media platforms. 
  7. Get involved in local charities and attempt to serve on at least one non-real estate related board in your community. You never know who is considering a career in real estate.
  8. Make sure you are active in your local real estate boards and service organizations. Recruits will make note of your involvement. 
  9. Get back to fundamentals! Send compelling mailers to key prospects, follow-up on each mailing by phone, set up interviews and make presentations. 
  10. At the end of the year, send a letter to each of your recruits noting the sales they made for the year, and the commissions they would have kept if they were on a Top Commission split. 
  11. Invite recruits to office or regionally sponsored continuing education events. 
  12. Invite a recruit to your office to take a tour of C21Affiliated.com, OnlineOffice, C21.com, and 21Online to show recruits the many invaluable tools and systems included in CENTURY 21 Affiliated. Make sure to mention the various continuous education opportunities offered for agents. Demonstrate how they can download listing presentations, postcards, flyers, and customize email marketing campaigns. 
  13. Make a list touting what makes CENTURY 21 Affiliated Smarter. Bolder. Faster. Be sure to mention that CENTURY 21 Affiliated is the #1 CENTURY 21 franchise in the World.
  14. Interview your current agents and staff about the positive experiences they have had while attending CENTURY 21 Affiliated events such as the Agent Rally, State of Affiliated, Team Leader & Staff Retreat, CENTURY 21 Global Conference, or any other event held on the national or regional level. You will come away with a list of testimonials to use when talking with recruits about how easy and beneficial networking at CENTURY 21 Affiliated events can be!
  15. Pool resources with other CENTURY 21 Affiliated Brokers in your local area. Invite recruits to a BBQ, cocktail party or luncheon that is hosted by ALL the CENTURY 21 Affiliated offices in your area. Recruits will notice your willingness to work together and appreciate the opportunity to meet several Broker/Owners at once. Remember, a recruit that may not be a good fit at another CENTURY 21 Affiliated office in your area may be a great addition to your office. The goal of CENTURY 21 Affiliated offices in any area should be to increase agent count and increase yard sign presence. That means more business for everyone!
  16. Organize a trip for your current agents, as well as recruits, to a local sporting event. You may want to host a tailgate party beforehand in order to provide yourself ample time to network.
  17. Project a positive attitude to others in your community. Participating in gossip may harm your ability to recruit down the road.
  18. Focus on the break-even point in terms of sales volume or closed transactions that a recruit would need to reach at your office to make more money than using their current split. Ask the agent whether this is an achievable goal. In most instances they are already closing enough sales to make more money using the Top Commission concept. This cut and dry presentation allows them to see how much money they are losing.
  19. Agree to supply new recruits with a few referrals to get them started at your office or agree to do one initial mailing to their client list when they join your office. 
  20. Farm new recruits from local real estate schools or colleges. Some of these students may be excellent candidates for your recruiting programs.
  21. Add the recruits to your Professional Social Media websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. This will help send home the message that you’re an experienced professional with knowledge that can help a top producer achieve more success. 
  22. After recruiting a new agent, offer to help move him/her out of their current office. You may want to rent a truck or hire movers for this purpose. Other agents will be impressed with your detailed follow-up and the way in which you welcome new agents into your office.
  23. Consider office assistants your next generation of agents. Although it can be difficult to house several assistants in your office, you will find that most office assistants want to become Sales Associates after they gain some experience.
  24. Invite recruits to attend your office meetings to present their listings. This will give them an opportunity to see how your office is run and familiarize themselves with your agents. 
  25. Set up lunch meetings with new recruits and top producers in your office.
  26. Constantly revise your recruiting list. Agents who used to be your number one prospect may not be at the top of your list now. Make sure you are aware of an agent’s production and reputation in the community. 
  27. Remember to ask your current agents who they would like to see join your office. They may suggest someone that you do not have on your current list. Your current agents are your best recruiters.  

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