Finding Pet-Friendly Homes Just Got Easier

cat-friendly-home-listingsIs it a priority of yours to find a house with a fenced in backyard or big bay window to please your furry family member? Searching just got easier!

CENTURY 21 Affiliated has added two new searching features allowing customers to search for "dog friendly" and "cat friendly" properties. Properties with backyards, a dog park near by, and a "doggy door" will show if the "dog friendly" button is selected. Similarly, large windows, climbing fixtures, and cat doors will be sorted when the "cat friendly" button is selected. 



We understand that pet lovers have priorities when searching for their new home and are excited that we are able to accommodate their needs. In the future, CENTURY 21 Affiliated plans on adding additional options for other types of pets, such as bunnies, hamsters, and guinea pigs. 

Scroll down to test out the features yourself and let us know what you think! 













Unfortunately,  we have no such features — yet! This may just have to be something we look into though! Do you think it could be useful for pet owners? Let us know and comment below!

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