Flying? How to Save on Flights



Everyone loves a good deal, and nothing feels sweeter than scoring a great deal on flights. The 2019 Travel Pricing Outlook report recently revealed that timing matters when it comes to unlocking travel savings.

Below are a few insights from the report, based off an in-depth analysis of Airlines Reporting Corporation's (ARC) global air and Expedia Group's lodging-trend data.

When to book? Now or later? According to the report, when it comes to lead time for booking flights, three weeks out is the sweet spot for savings.

Utilize the weekend. You have have heard you should book travel on Tuesdays, but that news is old. Wait until the weekend to book flights to unlock around 20 percent (or more) fare savings.

Hot hotels. Fridays are when the best hotel deals are snapped up, so wait until the end of the week to score.

End to end. Start your journey on Thursday or Friday to save money overall, and add a Saturday night to your mid-week trip to save up to 25 percent on airfares, sometimes more for popular business destinations.

Source: ARC, Expedia Group

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