Forget the Frame: Unique Ways to Showcase Photos


By Zoe Eisenberg

If you're looking for an inspired way to showcase photos or art without the frames, try these unique tips.

- Clothes hangers. Purchase a handful of attractive suit hangers (hangers with little metal clips), bang a few well-placed nalls into your  wall, position the hangers on the nails, and clip your photos in. This option makes it easy to swap photos or prints as you choose.

- Line and clothespins. Similar to the suit hangers, this method of hanging photos is versatile and easy to adjust. Place nails or thumbtacks in your wall, string fishing line between them, and use clothespins to hang your photos on the line. And remember, no need to stick to a straight line - you can zig zag your fishing line or create unique diagonal shapes. Or, tie smaller bits of line of varying length from different points on your main horizontal line so your photos hang vertically at contrasting lengths.

- Board border. Find an attractive piece of wood plank, or paint a plank a color that matches your decorating scheme, and mount it on your wall vertically or horizontally. Then, simply tack photos to the board for an attractive backdrop.

- Hanging ladder. Similar to the board method, this unique photo display provides a festive, eye-catching backdrop. Mount an attractive, small decorative ladder to your wall vertically and hang your photos from each rung. 

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2019. All rights reserved.



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