Happy Administrative Professionals Day!


With over 85+ offices and 1,700+ sales professionals, CENTURY 21 Affiliated could not run as smoothly or professionally without our Administrative staff members. We are grateful for the support, hard work and positivity that they bring to the company every day. So in the spirit of Administrative Professional Day – we thank our Admins for being the heart and soul of CENTURY 21 Affiliated.

"Every day we rely on you as the backbone of Affiliated and today the world pays special recognition.  We join in the celebration.  Well done all. Thank you!" - Bill Kessler, Founder

"We are extremely proud of the recent growth and success of Century 21 Affiliated, that success would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our outstanding support staff company wide. Thanks for all you do for the organization, helping making Century 21 Affiliated the #1 Century 21 in the world!" - Dan Kruse, President & CEO


Bill Lambe – Algonquin, Illinois
"I have worked for other companies and no Admin has ever made me feel as welcome and as comfortable as Bill has in our Algonquin office.  From day one he made sure that I knew the full array of tools that are available to me. He is never too busy for a call, even if it’s the 100th time I have asked the same question.  He is patient and he is kind and you would never know that he has more than one agent to deal with.  He is a big part of what makes me successful." - Stephanie Burrows


Lori Losey - Camden, Michigan
"Lori has such a great attitude it is infectious.  We often have customers/clients tell us how cheerful, nice and helpful Lori has been with them. They appreciate her and want us to know!  Her work ethic is outstanding and she goes above and beyond to help all parties that come in contact with her throughout her day.  Her dedication to our office is amazing; from listing input attention to detail, labeling photos, looking for additional online advertising opportunities to managing all the back office and in office details.  Lori is our glue - she holds our office together with an amazing positivity. We are so blessed to have her on our team!  Not only does she do an awesome job, she is a wonderful person.  We love Lori!” - Tracy Fitch and Linda Greek


Richard Schwarz - Madison, Wisconsin
"Who is smiling every day? Who is the glue in our office? Who keeps it together so seamlessly without hesitation and with confidence? Richard Schwarz! We are very fortunate to have you on our team Richard! Hats off today to celebrate Richard!"  -Sherri Swan-Edmunds

"Richard makes our office brighter!  He not only does the job of three admins (doing many corporate tasks as well as his regular Madison agent workload), he does them with a smile.  I am grateful to see his face at the desk every morning!" - Nikki Schram 


Jessica Swan - East Madison, Wisconsin
"A wonderful addition to our team this year, holding steady and strong and growing in her vision of the office and our team. We are blessed to you have you aboard our East Madison office, Jessica, and thank you for all you do!" - Sherri Swan-Edmunds

"Our Madison East Office wishes Jessica Swan an amazing Administrative Professional Day! She is willing to go above and beyond to help the agents and office in all avenues which accounts for the behind the scenes success of the agents and office. Our office runs smoothly by having Jessica as our front person of first impressions and support. Our agents and office are proud to have her as our Admin! A big Thank You for all that you do! Have a fabulous day, you’ve deserved it" - Pete Nissler


Bethany Melendez - Merrillville, Indiana
"Bethany is amazing, just a shining start in our office! She is the right arm to all of us! I want to be the first to say how special she is!" - Brenda Miley

Amanda Kreibich - La Crosse, Wisconsin
"Our Admin Amanda Kreibich truly takes pride in her position by making our office runs smoothly, being an A+ organizer and problem solver, she is always looking ahead to plan and is super talented/creative!  In a nutshell, "A Rockstar" Amanda makes sure to acknowledge special events and occasions, plus goes above and beyond to make everyone feel special, this usually involving her cooking, which everyone loves!  She takes good care of all of us and is always going above and beyond, she has made it her goal to help everyone succeed!  Job well done Amanda!  You are the foundation of our office...Thank you from all of us in the La Crosse office!!! We Love You!" - Gretchen Whitt


Jennifer Miller - Plainfield, Illinois
“Jenny is a new Admin in our office but already goes above and beyond her duties to make sure to help us in anyway. For example: My uncle has terminal cancer and I am his primary care giver. I still have clients that need attention and offers submitted. In the hospital my tablet is not sufficient to do the work. She has helped me by extracting files and emailing them to my clients. She has helped by emailing the offers for me when I could not and also finding other agents to show my clients homes.  All this means a lot to the success of our office and myself. She truly is one of a kind!” – Tina Evans


Andrea Kane - Delafield, Wisconsin
"Andrea is always full of energy and ready to take on the day. She's cares about doing a job well done and making sure her agents get everything they need and then some! She is the foundation for the office culture in Delafield. When you walk into the Delafield office you feel right at home because of her and we wouldn't be able to have success we have had without her." - Kel Svoboda

"I love coming into the office and being greeted by Andrea’s smiling face. She is the rock keeps our office moving! She takes so much pride in her work, gets everything done on time and is even willing to stay late to finish what she started. She's our little “worker bee”.  I don’t know what we’d do without her, we are very lucky to have her!" - Sara Kugi

"Andrea is amazing. She cares so much about CENTURY 21 Affiliated and the agents, she always goes above and beyond her duties to help us out. She's the best!" - Beth Ropel


Jamie Nitka - Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
"Jamie is a cheerful person who enjoys helping others. She is quirky with her jokes and that makes our job less stressful. Jamie comes in day after day with a bright smile. She loves to bake sweets so coming into Wauwatosa you will most likely find some sort of treat in the kitchen." - Kel Svoboda

Amy McGill - Stoughton, Wisconsin
“Our Stoughton Office wishes Amy McGill a most wonderful and well deserved Administrative Professional Day! She is willing to go the extra mile for all the agents, office, and other admins throughout the Affiliated Family to help with any task. Being a team player, organizer, and tech troubleshooter are just some of the key attributes she has that helps the agents and office excel! She’s a rockstar and our agents/company are ecstatic to have her working with us and is another key element in making the Stoughton office a great place to work. We appreciate all that Amy does and for that we THANK YOU!” - Pete Nissler


Ana Zamora - Aurora, Illinois
"I can't say enough wonderful things about our office Admin. Ana can answer the phones, handle a walk-in, keep track of earnest money, order sign installs, manage files and balance 35 different agent personalities all at the same time. And she does it with a smile. The agents and I know we can count on her for whatever we need whenever we need it. Ana is always pleasant, always calm, and always available to us. She is the cog in our wheel. Thank you Ana Zamora. We are lucky to have you at the center of our real estate world." - Jane Perez


Toni Talach Hutar - La Grange Park, Illinois
"On behalf of myself and I'm sure that others would concur, since Toni Hutar joined the office she has gone over and above what an Admin would be expected to do. She self-starter and a very competent member of our staff and truly believe she is of great value to the Affiliate organization." - Robert Eby

"Thanks so much for all you do for us here in the La Grange Park office. You are certainly a welcomed addition to the CENTURY 21 Affiliated family! Happy Administrative Professional Day!" -Lisa Keating


Angie Manns - Demotte, Indiana
"Today is the perfect chance to say what I don't say often enough, Thank you for all your hard work and thoughtful ways. I truly appreciate you to the moon and back." - Christine Davis

"Angie is the one of the most caring and nurturing people I know.  That alone makes her terrific at her job!" - Geri Norfleet

"Our Admin at Demotte is great! She is always there to help with whatever we need." -Martha Merry

"Angie is a great Admin, she goes above and beyond to make sure our office runs smoothly!" - Tracy VanderWall

"Angie is the best--always has a smile on her face, always ready to help, and a true asset to our office."
- Helga Cannon

"Angie is such a great asset and fit to our office.  She is always willing and able to help me figure out problems with my computer and she is very good at helping with a lot of the marketing.  She has made our work life so much easier!" -Donna Hamstra


Teresa Skridla - Beloit, Wisconsin
"Teresa has been with our office for over a year. She came into a difficult situation to fill the shoes of an Admin that worked in the Beloit office for over 20 years. Teresa rose to the occasion not by “replacing” Josie but by creating her own identity as a knowledgeable and energetic team player. I couldn’t be happier with her effort and performance. Teresa is well liked and highly respected by her co-workers and Team Leaders. She truly is an Administrative Professional." - Dwight Kruse


Deborah Buckley - Elkhart, Indiana
"My admin has been growing by leaps and bounds I am so grateful for her, she truly has a heart for Real Estate."- Jill Robinson


Amy Last & Elizabeth Golemgeske - Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
"Amy brings a sense of order and efficiency to our office. Her pleasant personality and calm demeanor create a welcoming environment for both customers and our agents alike. She is always ready to lend a helping hand and her years of experience in the real estate industry prove to be of value on a daily basis. Thank you Amy!" - Cindy Gerard

"You will not find a nicer person than Elizabeth! She is always ready and willing to learn new tasks and help out when needed. She has an infectious positive attitude and great team spirit. As an office admin and my personal assistant she goes above and beyond! Thank you Elizabeth!" - Cindy Gerard

“First of all, we are blessed to have 2 Admins in our office so there is always help available when
we need it. Amy and Elizabeth have both gone the extra mile and received their real estate licenses
so when you need assistance, they are extremely capable of handling any concerns that may 
arise. Both Amy and Elizabeth also have kind, friendly attitudes and never hesitate to help. They are upbeat, and it is a pleasure to call the office and hear a happy voice on the other end. That is especially important to me being a part time realtor who has another full time job. The women are both tolerant of my status and are willing to step up and help in any way possible. Amy has been my right arm since I have started back in real estate. Without her assistance, I would not be able to be a realtor. Believe me, she is a saint! Thank you ladies so much for all you do for me, Andy, and our entire office. You both ROCK!”  - Renee Bernard


Felicia Pavy - Lowell, Indiana
"Every day, Felicia is fun and enthusiastic – not just about real estate, but about everything!  I love working with her, and she makes our office bright and sunny! - Erica JW Guelinas

"Felicia is always ready to help and gives a smile in the process!" - Jessalynn Evenhouse


“We love Felicia because she is on top of things and when we are missing something she lets us know.
She is a hardworking and dedicated individual that helps this office function efficiently. Thanks so much!” - Kelley Wontorski

“I love Felicia because she is the sunshine of our office.  She is always willing to help out with any problems you may need.  She never gets mad or frustrated.  That is why I love Felicia!” – Paula Remesnik


Jonni Newkirk - Crown Point, Indiana
Jonni Newkirk is the Admin for the Crown Point office. She is always sticking her nose in exactly where it belongs. She goes well beyond expectations to ensure the agent’s needs are met in a timely manner. She is the staple that keeps us all on the same page. Her favorite saying is "Have a Super Sparkly Day". – Roger Lain

Robin Padilla – Homewood, Illinois

I love our Robin Padilla she brings sunshine into the office every single day! She keeps me on my toes and makes me laugh at all times.” – Millicent Cornlius


Sandy Horstman & Valarie Rouse - Mauston/Reedsburg & Baraboo/Wisconsin Dells
"I have the opportunity to work with two admins who both work part-time covering 4 office locations. They do a great job of getting what the agents need, and they both cover for each other, so that if a family need arises for either of them we have everything covered.  They are a great representation of the support that CENTURY 21 Affiliated has to offer!" -David Vander Schaaf


Leslie Alsteens & Rhonda Cecka - Janesville, Wisconsin
"Leslie and Rhonda are probably the most experienced Admins in our system which means there’s very little that they haven’t seen or done.  They always treat our agents well and offer to help with anything they need." - Randy Borman


Amy Brown & Barb Christ - Naperville, Illinois
"I love my Admins, Amy Brown and Barb Christ, and they are both intuitive to my needs and both think the way I do. I completely trust them to do a good job and any decision they make will be well thought out and entirely on board with what is good for the whole Team.  There are times when Amy knows what I am thinking before I do!  Love them!" - Cookie Hanson

“Amy Brown is a professional above all others. Quite frankly, I don't think of her as the Office "Admin" but rather, as an extension of our Team Leader, Cookie. Aside from her cheerful personality, there's not much that she doesn't know about Real Estate, and she proves it day in and day out. Whether it's an IT question that needs answering, a problem with Dotloop, or a question about the MLS or our particular market - Amy is the "go-to" person in our office. I spent many years in Corporate America before coming to Real Estate and I've had many "Admins" in my life.  Amy is absolutely PRICELESS. It's important for people to know just how valuable she is to our team and even more important for people to know that she makes a difference in their lives.” – Jim Trautz 


Denise Botz, Laurie Behm, Cheryl Krueger - Appleton, Wisconsin
"HIP, HIP, HORRAY to Cheryl, Denise and Laurie. You truly are the nicest, most helpful Admin staff one could hope for.  I am new to CENTURY 21 Affiliated First Realty & from the first day they have been very supportive an encouraging; truly wanting & helping me to succeed.  I salute you on your day and throughout the year. You are important to me and I appreciate all of you." - Jim Krautkramer


Erin O'Neil, Gayle Gissy & Kadie Robinson - Joliet, Illinois
"Happy Admin's Day to our favorite Admins, Erin, Gayle and Kadie! Our office just won't be the same without you! Have a spectacular day!" – The Joliet Office



Thank you to all of our Administrative Staff across Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana and Michigan!

Alice Flitter, Amanda Kreibich, Amanda Michels, Amanda St. Aubin,  Amy Brown,  Amy Last,  Amy McGill,  Ana Zamora,  Andrea Kane, Andrea Urbankova, Angela Manns, Anna Tucker, Anne Christian, Anne Smith, Antoinette Hutar, Bethany Melendez, Beverly Gail Thomas, Bill Lambe, Carol Knadler, Cheryl Krueger, Crystal Johnson, Dawn Guevara, Debbie Groller, Deborah Buckley, Denise Botz, Diana Novak, Diane Skylis, Doreen Guzman, Doris Garcia,  Elane Laack, Elizabeth Golemgeske, Elizabeth Hill, Erin O'Neill, Felicia Pavy, Gayle Gissy, Holly Brown, Jacqueline Sosa, Jake Wirtz, Jamie Nitka, Jasen Schrock, Jean Thomas, Jen Wachter, Jennifer Katzfey, Jennifer Miller, Jeremy Fallis, Jessica Clinton, Jessica Swan, Jessie Carlson, Jonni Newkirk,  Kadie Robsinson, Karen Dean, Kathie Marting, Kathleen Harper,Kathy Panek,  Keith Sippel, Kevin Jacobs, Lauri Pollard, Laurie Behm, Leslie Alsteens, Linda Birn, Linda Rehder, Lindsay Elliot, Lori Kramer, Lori Losey, Mary Smith, Melissa Kennedy, Michelle Bezak, Natalie Perez, Nivia Boykin, Quinton Thomas,  Rhonda Cecka,  Richard Schwarz, Robin Padilla, Sandy Horstman, Sara Rose, Shantal O'Neal, Sharon Kornfeind, Sharon Shields,  Shawna Scott, Shelia Rice, Sherri Sarbacker, Stephanie Miles, Sue Cleary, Sue Halladay, Tanya Boardman, Teresa Skridla, Thomas Surrolk, Valarie Rouse, Yvonne Brusewitz,

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