Home Renovations Perfect for Summer 2019

Searching for the perfect way to spruce up your home this summer? Look no further! With longer days and warmer weather, summer can be the best time of year to tackle your next artistic venture. Whether you're looking to boost your home's value for a future sell or simply wanting to make your life-long vision of your dream home come true, browse these renovation ideas for a perfect summer change-up:

1. Attach a New Deck

Summer is the perfect time to sit outside and soak up the sun. What better way to enjoy the weather than to sit out on your very own deck? Not only is spending time on the deck a great way to bask in the beauty of summer, but it is also a fairly speedy build when compared to other renovation projects. Chances are, if you begin the renovation in early summer, it will be all finished up and ready for you to enjoy before the summer season passes you by. 

2. Update Your Driveway

If you're preparing to sell, a nice looking driveway can really skyrocket the curb appeal of your home. Widening this space allows for more parking, and refinished asphalt is a simple change that can really boost the overall cosmetic appeal of your home. 

3. Replace the Roof

Typically, experts recommend that roofing needs to be either completely replaced or updated every 10-15 years. Harsh winters can really do a number on the roof, making summer the perfect time to update. Fischer Roofing recommends that homeowners initiate a complete tear off and new installation procedure, as opposed to only roofing over old shingles in select areas of the roof. Synthetic underlayment is a great choice for anyone looking for both lasting appeal and storm protection, while "cool roof" shingles are great at preventing heat buildup, and thus higher energy bills, in warmer climates. For those looking to make a new roof into a selling advantage, take a swing at architectural shingles. Both cost-effective and cosmetically pleasing, architectural shingles give your roof a textured 3-D look while also remaining budget-friendly.

4. Give Your Exterior a Makeover

When it comes to exterior updates, it's true what they say: a little can really go a long way. Just doing a few paint and siding updates can give your home a whole new look, while also adding to it's monetary value should you ever decide to sell. Try using warm, inviting color palettes for your exterior updates. Overall, warm tones like Taupe hold out in any weather while also projecting a more welcoming vibe to potential buyers. Exterior renovations are truly best to complete in the summer months, as they require so much time spent outdoors. 

5. Build a Fire Pit

Both quick and cost effective, installing a fire pit in your backyard can turn your home into the neighborhood social hot-spot of the summer. Whether you decide to build your own fire pit from scratch or buy one in-store, there's no question you can finish this project overnight. 

6. Build (Or Update) a Fence

In the wise words of Robert Frost, good fences make good neighbors. Fences are great for families with pets, small children, or backyard attractions such as pools and trampolines. Before you jump into this renovation, however, be sure to confirm that it fits neighborhood and city guidelines. 

All in all, these six summer renovation ideas are perfect for homeowners looking for cost-effective summer projects. Not only can you craft your home into the perfect summer hangout, you can also increase its overall value. Snap some photos of your summer renovations and tag us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/C21Affiliated/. 


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