How to Choose the Right Lender [Video]

Welcome to today’s home update! When buying a home, choosing a lender is very important. Take your time, and take the following into consideration.

Start by comparing the lenders. Taxes and insurance will remain the same, more or less, so focus on the rates, points, and fees. These are the three sectors that will vary vendor to vendor. Calculate carefully while considering, because they all affect each other.

Do some research before filling out an application and feel free to ask questions. If you’re given the run around simply because you haven’t applied yet, that’s usually a bad sign. The lender will want to interview you after you fill out an application, after all -  hundreds of thousands of dollars are on the line. But just like they want to learn about you, you should learn about them. Find out who will service your loan, or what happens if your rate-lock expires before you close. These are all things you need to know before signing.

Always remember, choosing the right lender is just as important as choosing the right home.

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