How to Sell an Unfinished Property


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Let's face it: Selling an unfinished house can be challenging at the best of times. Buyers can have trouble visualizing what an unfinished property could look like when renovated and this can be a deal-breaker.
What if there was an easier way to sell an unfinished property? Now there is, and it's called virtual renovation!

Before, you would have no idea what this room is. After, it is clearly a bedroom.

So what is a virtual renovation?
A virtual renovation is where a photo of an unfinished space is digitally renovated to make it look complete. It essentially acts as a visual tool to help buyers visualize what their future home could look like if they spend a few extra dollars renovating it.

A virtual renovation is perfect for:

  • Visualizing what a design will look like before undertaking expensive renovations
  • Showing buyers what the property will look like once it is fully complete
  • Helping buyers see the true potential of a home 

An agent virtually renovated an outdated living room to help the buyer visualize how the space could look.

Which areas of a house can be virtually renovated?
There are no limits! Every area of a house can be virtually renovated, including:

  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Outdoor areas 

Dead grass not helping the sale? Virtual renovations can even be applied to outdoor living areas!

So how does the process work?
It's really simple. You upload your image through Select from a range of different edits, such as Replace Flooring or Replace Walls. Add any instructions and submit. Turnaround time is five working days and the price will depend on how many different types of edits you require.

Simply upload your image, then choose from a range of edits.

So I got my pictures back. Can I post them on my MLS?
It's always best to check with your MLS. Some will allow you to post the virtually renovated images; some will require a disclaimer in the corner; and some do not allow it.
Is there a free trial?
Yes, there is! offers many different real estate-related photo edits. You'll receive three image enhancement edits and one day to dusk edit on sign-up for absolutely free. No strings attached and no credit card required on sign-up. There are no free edits available for the virtual renovation edit.

Receive 3 image enhancements and 1 day to dusk edit (pictured above) for free.
Receive my free four photo edits.
For more information, please visit 

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