Last-Minute Gift Knockouts for $10 or Less

Okay, you forgot to pick up a little something for Aunt Edna – or you forgot she was bringing a friend to Christmas dinner. No problem, even if it’s Christmas Eve day, according to Trent Hamm, founder of the personal finance website,
“A quick dash to the market, drug store or liquor store, plus a little ingenuity, can take care of any last minute gift need,” Hamm said. “And keep a few extras around just in case something – or someone – turns up unexpected.”
Hamm’s top seven last-minute gift suggestions at five-to-ten bucks or less:
Chocolate bars – Every market and liquor store has a great selection of unique chocolate bars in varying flavors and sizes. Wrap two or three in some cellophane or tissue. Tie it up with ribbon and you’re good to go.
A good paperback book – Something you read and enjoyed recently is a good choice because it can be a conversation starter as well. Wrap it, tag it, and that’s it!
Homemade cookies – Who doesn’t love them? Stack a few in a mug or on a sheet of tissue or cellophane. Tie it with curling ribbon for an elegant-looking last minute hit.
Hot chocolate – You can do the same thing with a few packets of hot chocolate mix. Mix and match if you have more than one flavor, and quick wrap for a tasty little gift.
Craft beer – Beers from all over the world are in every liquor store. Wrap two or three individual bottles in a mass of tissue and your gift bag is sure to please.
Pens, pencils, or crayons – Quality pens or writing materials of any kind are a great gift for people of any age. Keep a few choices wrapped and handy and give with confidence to unexpected kids or adults.
Ornamental socks or hair ornaments – Available in any drug store, these are two items sure to please anyone on your list – or anyone who didn’t quite make it!
By Barbara Pronin

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