Pet Appreciation Week | June 4 - 10, 2017

Pet Appreciation Week is June 4-10! Check out CENTURY 21 Affiliated's top 15 ways to appreciate your pet! 

  1. Get your pet health insurance. Your pet is family, and they deserve the same care you’d want for your human family members.
  2. Update your pet’s vaccines. Nothing is more important than your pet’s health, so keep them updated on their vaccines!
  3. Cook a pet-friendly feast or enjoy a Puppachino from Starbucks.
  4. Create a pet-play-group! Call up your pet’s favorite friends and schedule a time to hangout at the park or a fenced-in backyard.
  5. Volunteer at your local animal shelter. If you don’t have a pet, consider spending time with the animals who don’t have a family. The socialization is great for them, and you’ll enjoy the time spent with fluffy Fido.
  6. Get your pet a sibling. Is your pet lonely? Is work really demanding right now? Maybe your pet needs a sibling. Check out your local animal shelter!
  7. Take your pet to pick out a new toy. There’s nothing more exciting than new toys! Take your pet to a local pet store and see which item they pick first.
  8. Learn how to give pet massages. Your pet will be in heaven.
  9. Take a staycation together. Use up your extra PTO and spend a day with your pet.
  10. Add your pet to your Will. Thinking about their next step in life without you may seem hard, but in the end it will be the best thing you can do.
  11. Give your pet a Spa Day - Mimosa’s and a new hairdo! Ok – maybe skip the mimosa, but getting a fresh cut and a bath is just as exciting.
  12. Remind your pet who’s a good boy or girl.
  13. Schedule extra cuddle time. Your best friend can never have enough cuddles!
  14. Surprise your pet with their favorite treat or toy. Have you seen the video where the golden retriever’s favorite toy is a stuffed Gumby, and her dad dresses up as life-size Gumby? It’s pure happiness.
  15. Show your pet love every single day. They might be only part of your life, for them, you are their whole life. 

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