Q: What Kinds of Things are Considered Material Facts?

A: The following examples include details that would qualify as material facts that must be revealed by sellers about their homes:

  • Damage from wood boring insects
  • Mold or mildew in the home
  • Leaks in the roof or foundation walls 
  • Amount of property taxes paid annually
  • Problems with sewer or septic systems
  • Age of shingles and other roof components
  • A buried oil tank
  • Details about any individual who claims to have an interest in the property
  • Information about a structure on the property that overlaps an adjacent property

Some things are not material facts and do not have to be disclosed. They include personal information about the seller and the seller’s reason for moving. Among those things that may or may not be material facts: whether a death took place in the home or whether a home is considered haunted. This depends on your state's guidelines, ask a qualified real estate agent what your local National Association of REALTORS requires.  

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