Real Estate Stories Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

Being a Real Estate Professional is not’t always an easy job, but sometimes we come across stories from other REALTORS that just make us laugh. Here are some of our favorite stories!

Panda Panda Panda
Jessica Arnett’s clients were a little concerned when their home was not’t bringing in many showings in northern Houston. So she donned a Panda suit to spice things up. Within a day of posting the listing photos she had several scheduled showings. See the full story here.



Grumpy Kitten Crashes House Inspection
A REALTOR in Sarasota, Florida came to a house inspection only to find a very, very grumpy kitten. Luckily, real estate agents don’t have much to do during a home inspection, and the REALTOR thought it was a great way to burn a couple of hours. Judging that there were no tenants or owners to take care of him, the Home Inspector decided to take him home.  See the whole story here.



The Ultimate Fisherman
There are many ways to show your love for your favorite hobby. Some might decorate their house with items that remind them of it, and some go as far as tattooing it on their body. But Paul Phillips decided that was not’t good enough, and he built his home over a lake so he could fish right through the living room floor. Talk about dedicated…and maybe even a bit lazy. Read the rest of his story here.

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