Real Estate Superstitions

Many superstitions come from the same human trait- when we can’t explain a phenomenon, we create a story to support it. It may seem silly, but superstitions can be found all around us. According to superstitious people. walking under a ladder summons the devil, and breaking a mirror causes 7 years’ bad luck. And the world of real estate is no exception.

Check out these superstitions that plague clients and REALTORs alike.

Closing on Friday the 13th.
According to, roughly $800 million in revenue is lost due to customer’s irrational fear of Friday the 13th. Some people even say closing a sale on Friday the 13th will bring bad luck to the new homeowners.

Choosing the Right Day to Move.
Apart from your own schedule, there are many superstitions surrounding the right day to move. For example, it’s considered bad luck to move on a Friday because the Temple of Solomon fell on a Friday, and moving on a Saturday means a “short stay”. If you move on a rainy day, some people believe it will bring you unhappiness. But don’t be discouraged, moving on a Thursday is considered the best day to move! And moving under a full moon will bring you good luck.

Building on an Old Plot of Land.
Beware! Superstition says if you build a new home where another home previously stood, the previous family’s ghosts will haunt your family.

St. Joseph Patron Saint of Real Estate.
Is your house not selling?  Catholics believe burying Saint Joseph, the Patron Saint of Real Estate, within a foot of your ‘For Sale Sign’ will help your home sell faster.

Increase your Luck at Your Open House.
Are you trying to sell your home at a certain price? Scatter coins around your home. In the Philippines, scattering coins is said to invite prosperity into your home.

Being superstitious isn’t necessarily bad. In many cases, following superstitions can help soothe the soul and bring your life happiness. Whether you believe or not, crossing your fingers for a quick and easy sale can never hurt.

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