Research Says Home Design Influences Your Happiness

Feeling a bit down lately? Maybe you should take on a new home project. No, seriously! According to a new survey by the remodeling website Houzz, 87 percent of 6,000 respondents recently said that their home design influences their overall happiness.

Seventy-four percent of home owners credit a remodeling or redecorating job in the past two years for making them happier. Still, 51 percent of respondents who describe their home as “in need of work” say they’re happy at home.

They don’t suggest going out and  spending your life savings on top of the line amenities. In fact, the two key home elements that respondents say have the power to make them happier at home were big windows and comfortable furniture, according to the survey.

However, not everyone finds sole comfort from putting their feet up and enjoying a nice view and abundant sunshine at home. The survey found that men are more than twice as likely to derive happiness from a big-screen TV as women (40 percent versus 17 percent).  Plus, the survey found that just the mere  sound of a television is three times more likely to make men happy than women. Amazing.

Home owners say they’re happiest in rooms that are clean and organized and comfortable (with men showing more preference for comfort and women favoring rooms that are clean and tidy). Forty-two percent of respondents say they’re happiest in the living/family room, and 15 percent said they were happiest in the kitchen, according to the survey.

Home owners also link the company they with happiness at home. Forty-nine percent say they are happiest with just their immediate family in the house, while 29 percent say a home bursting with friends and family makes them happiest. 

Overall, the time, effort, and love you put into your home, in turn, can reward you with happiness. After that, it’s up to you to just enjoy it. 

Tell us: What about your home makes you happiest?

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