Simple Steps to Creative Lighting [Video]

Welcome to today's home update! 

When designing a space in your home, don't settle for boring lighting! Here are three ways to get creative with lighting with minimal effort.

  1. Try lighting unexpected places. There's no need to settle for simple overhead lighting. You can up-the-ambiance and interest in a room by lighting a strip along a floor or beneath the kitchen counter. You can also place rope lighting along the edge of your staircase or indirect lighting above a kitchen cabinet. 
  2. Light your spaces in layers. Think about lighting in three main layers; overhead lighting, task lighting and accent lighting. Trying framing lighting around your bed frame.
  3. Be sure to dim your lights. Dimming switches only run about $25, so scatter them throughout your home and enjoy a slightly smaller utility bill in the process. According to the American Lighting Association, a dimmer switch saves you about $30 a year on your utility bills.

What's the most unique lighting in your home? Send us pictures at

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