Talk of the Town with CENTURY 21 Affiliated's Kjerstin Goggin

Century 21 Affiliated's very own Kjerstin Goggin had the opportunity to discuss the housing market on CW57. The housing market is hot and Kjerstin explains why! 

CW57: Tell me if today is a good time to sell a home? 

KG: It's a fabulous time to sell. We're actually in the seller's market and there is a shortage of listings. I've got more buyers than houses to sell which is the case for most REALTORS right now. So, yes it is a fabulous time to sell! 

CW57: Tell me a little bit about your custom marketing?

KG: Sure! To get your house sold today you need a strong web presence. So my listing package includes professional photography. I come through with a credited staging professional to help get everything ready before taking the photos. Then I enhance all of my listings on Zillow, Truilia, and 21Online as well.

CW57: WOW! And from what I understand you are selling homes with an average of 97%?

KG: Actually, that was last year. This year it’s been over 98% of list price. If you price the listing right, and you're marketed correctly you will sell quickly and for top dollar.

CW57: Tell me a little bit about your additional trainings and credentials you have?

KG: Sure! Well I am a credited buyers representative so I work with buyers as well. I'm a staging professional and also a Certified Residential Specialist (CRS), and I also have my Brokers license.

CW57: Do you specialize in any certain markets?

KG: Yes, fine homes and estates. They are beautiful homes and with my professional photography I get them the most exposure. Each home is given their own URL domain so you will receive "" for optimal online exposure. Each domain will have over 25 photos of the listing, which is more than the amount allowed on the MLS. Each listing has the opportunity to have unlimited photos and a video tour as well.


CW57: Explain to buyers how it would work. Do you represent buyers as well?

KG: I do! A lot of them do not know that being represented by an Agent is actually seller’s paid costs. So you should have a Buyer’s Agent when you are looking.


CW57: What sets you apart from other REALTORS?

KG: I love what I do so I don't really consider it work. It’s fun for me. I put people first and get them into their homes by doing what I love! So just my personal dedication [sets me apart.]

CW57: For someone who is thinking about listing their home, especially after hearing that it is a good market for them, what do you recommend for them to get their house up to par?

KG: First of all, give me a call! You can go to my website where you will be able to see examples of the professional photography and video tours I offer. Give me a call sooner than later because I can walk you through what you should spend some money and time on but you want to make sure you’ll be able to get your money back on it. So I wouldn’t delay, call me and I’ll walk you through it, we’ll get it on the market and get it sold.


CW57: For those who are interested in buying, do you have recommendations for them? Should they start their search online?

KG: It’s pretty easy to go online these days, such as on Trulia and Zillow and other secondary MLS sites. But I suggest giving me a call and meeting with me, I’ll walk you through the process and what to expect and get you set up with a direct link to the MLS to search for homes with. You’ll be a little more informed then when you begin your search.


CW57: Are you noticing anything with certain trends with buyers and sellers? Are some homes selling better than others or is there anything everyone should be aware of?

KG: Well new construction has picked up over the past year and a half so that is kind of a new trend. But everything is selling if it is priced right.


CW57: Does that include all of the markets in the Madison, WI area?

KG: Yes, in Madison and the surrounding areas the market is pretty hot. Condos are getting their too but single family homes are selling like hot cakes!


CW57: What would you recommend for someone who has never owned a home? Do you recommend they go to an Open Houses or start looking online?

KG: Nope, just give me a call because I want to tell you what to expect, what the process is like, and how you can be represented with no cost to you. That way you can be a little more informed when you start looking at Open Houses. You’ll know what to look for and what to expect during the process. And lenders as well, I can give you direction on what you do to get pre-approved.


CW57: Years ago, it was really hard to get loans. Has that eased up for your buyers?

KG: It has. So there's many different loan programs out there. I can recommend some wonderful folks that can walk you through that because that’s more of their department. There’s 100% financing available in certain areas from certain programs. 


CW57: So it’s a great time to buy a house. Sounds like theres some money available via the lenders and again can you mention your website?

KG: Absolutely! It’s


CW57: Awesome. So definitely give you a call if you have questions whether it’s buying or selling. What a great opportunity! Thank you so much for coming on today.

KG: Thank you for having me! It’s a fabulous housing market! 

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