Teens and Tech: How to Stop Smartphone Addiction

If you have a teenager, than you're likely no stranger to the sentence "please put your phone away." According to many sources, a teen’s digital life can negatively affect their real-life interactions, from family relationships to eating, sleeping and studying schedules. This trend is what many researchers have termed "smartphone addiction."  According to STAPP, a new parental control app, parents can follow a balanced approach to help prevent or stop their teen's smartphone addiction:

Model a balanced behavior. Many adults are also addicted to their smartphones. They can't stop checking email, messages and social profiles at home. If they are asking their teens to put their smartphone down at a specific time, they should model the behavior.

Set clear but realistic rules. Parents should let their teens know that there are specific areas of the house, like the dining area, that should be tech-free zones. Also, schedule smartphone-free family time, such as dinner time.

Strengthen parenting relationships. Parents should make an effort to plan fun tech-free family activities, such as gatherings and vacations, to connect and strengthen the bond and show their teens that life can also be experienced without a screen.  

Understand how teens are using their phones. Even though there is an online generation gap, parents should make an effort to be familiarized with their teens' usage of technology for school and social purposes.  

Research parental control options. Parents don't need to be alone in their parental control efforts. There are many parental control options, like STAPP--a new parental control app--to help them control their teens' screen time.


Source: STAPP, Tech Smart Parenting Center

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