The Pros of Buying New Construction


Maybe you’ve been searching for your dream home for months and you just can’t find the right one. You’ve come close, but there’s always something that you just can’t get past: the property backs up to a busy highway; the kitchen is dated and not adjacent to the family room; there’s no room that lends itself to a home office; the garage is detached. No matter what, there doesn’t seem to be a home out there that will fit the bill without investing significant dollars in renovation.
That’s why for many homebuyers, the answer is new construction. While it may not have been your original gameplan, and there are certainly challenges involved in building a home, here are a few of the advantages to consider, according to

  • No surprises. When you start from scratch, everything in the home—from the appliances to the molding to the windows—is according to spec. You’ll also be moving into a completely unused, clean home—a big plus for many. Of course, not all builders are created equal, so your satisfaction with the finished product is only as good as the builder you’re working with, so be sure to check out their work and get recommendations in advance.
  • Customization inside and out. From the color of the siding and trim to the placement of lighting and outlets, buying new construction allows you to make decisions about the specific details of your home. If having this degree of control over your home is important to you, new construction might be the way to go. Bear in mind, the options won’t be limitless; most builders have parameters that you’ll need to work within. More elaborate design changes will need to be handled after you close.
  • Baked-in energy efficiency. The vast majority of new construction homes are being built with energy-efficiency standards in mind, so you can pretty much count on optimized insulation materials, heating and cooling systems, appliances and windows.
  • Reduced maintenance costs. While you might spend more on upgrades while you’re building a new home, you’ll most likely save money on the typical maintenance costs involved in buying a resale home. You won’t have to worry about an aging roof or a faulty furnace, or needing to remodel the kitchen anytime soon, for example.

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