The Right Way to Build a Social Media Following for REALTORS

Real estate agents spend marketing dollars on billboards, direct mail, print, radio, and TV just for the opportunity to hold a conversation with a potential client. Agents often miss the simple fact that social networks are the first platforms that are actually a two-way conversation and therefore are the perfect places to invest time and money.

Regardless of what social media sites you are using, the goal is to become a strong storyteller and convince someone over a Facebook page or Instagram photo—just as you used to over a cup of coffee—to go with you over someone else. You need to look at yourself as an educator. What value do you provide customers that your fellow real estate agents do not provide?

A great way to do this is by creating posts, tweets and photos of more than just the homes you are listing. Simply posting your listings you are narrowing your audience and not in a good way. You are only attracting those who have already made the decision to buy. Once someone has fully decided to buy or sell a home, it’s already too late in the process. Think of someone already in a supermarket walking down the aisle to get food. You want to attract the customer before that decision is made. Also, it is highly unlikely the listing you post meets your audience’s specific needs. 

Instead, deliver “Did You Know” type content, providing information about mortgages or the neighborhood or even tips on home inspections. Think of yourself as the local newspaper in your community. When you are a real estate agent, people are looking to you as the local specialist and not just in your profession. Gaining trust and authority in your area is your number one goal. Talk about the schools, cafes, and locally owned shops and restaurants. Interview the local high school star or the owner of the sub shop or the superintendent of the district to write up or film as social media posts. If you blog and Facebook, and use Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest correctly, providing value for the people in your town, you’ll have every parent, professional, retiree, and twenty something in town following you.

You are all a product of your expertise in your town. Supply your audience with valuable information by answering their questions. When are movies playing for free in the park? When does the local ice cream truck come around and on what streets? When, where, and at what time does the local farmers market come to town, and which vendors have the best asparagus? Which running trails do not allow leashed pets? You have the answers to these questions and if you don’t you know the means to finding them out.

Customers often research the town they are looking to move into. By providing valuable information on your blog and website, this will help your name pop up first on search engines. If you are directing your audience properly to a lead capturing website, prepare for a significant increase in leads! 

Utilizing Social Media platforms is the best marketing tool to initiate conversation with your audience. A conversation is not all about talking, you must listen too. Show engagement through your likes, comments, retweets, etc. to your online sphere of influence. 

For more questions regarding Real Estate and Social Media Marketing contact me at Are you currently using Social Media in your real estate marketing? Comment below with your best tactics! 

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